YPC Technologies is a Montreal based startup in food robotics with the vision to make good food more accessible. We are doing this by bringing small scale robotic automation to the cooking processes. Our food kiosks can prepare gourmet food at low cost with great consistency.

Our Technology

Ingredient storage
Ingredient Storage

Our storage units host hundreds of ingredients, enabling our system to produce a large variety of different meals without the need to add ingredients.

Our system tracks the inventory live and can order missing ingredients based on the predicted demand for recipes.

Robotics and AI

The robotic arm at the center of our system connects food storage to cooking devices. It can access all ingredients and dispense the required quantities in the cooking area.

We use a combination of traditional sensor technology together with computer vision and reinforcement learning to ensure precision and consistency at maximum speed.

Smart Cooking

Cooking is extremely complex. We keep things simple. Instead of  teaching a robot how to cook, we leverage already existing smart cooking technologies used in Michelin starred restaurants worldwide.


YPC can prepare a large variety of dishes, such as the ones shown in our sample menu. This is just a small choice of what we can do. YPC can cook thousands of restaurant quality meals at rates of more than 100 meals per hour. The high flexibility of our technology allows our customers to cook the recipes of their existing menu, rather than choosing from a given set of feasible items.

YPC menu

About Us


Gunnar Grass

CEO, Founder, Inventor


Nicholas Nadeau

Computer Vision, Control System

Amélie Morency

Sales, Marketing & product

Daniele Bercovici

Software engineer

Edelvays Cherchelanov

Mechanical Design


Assistant to CEO


Dr. Jens Burchardt

Bjoern Ewers

Contact Us

We are here

239 Notre-Dame St W
Suite 202
Montreal, QC H2Y 1T4

Photo credits: Notman house

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