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YPC Technologies is a venture-backed startup in kitchen automation with the vision to make good food more accessible. We see recent technological advances in robotics and artificial intelligence as a chance for our society to return to the fresh preparation of healthy meals. Our robotic kitchen can prepare gourmet food at low cost with great consistency.



Gunnar Grass, Ph.D.


Gunnar holds a Ph.D. (Dr. rer. pol.) in finance and has lead research and consulting projects for the past 14 years as a researcher at HEC Montreal, the Wharton School, and New York University. Among others, he worked for Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Börse, RWE, KPMG, and World Wide Hearing.


Camilo Perez, Ph.D.



Camilo earned his Ph.D. in computing science and used computer vision and machine learning to enable human-robot interaction. He gained work experience at the German Space Agency, Postmates X, JDQ Systems, Kinova Robotics, and as a co-founder of a startup in agricultural automation.



Enno Roehrig

Machine Learning Engineer


Enno did his M.Sc. in robotics and AI, gained work experience at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), and is a two-times RoboCup world champion.


Leila Montazeri

Electrical Engineer


Leila is a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal where she works on optogenetics retinal prosthesis. Leila gained work experience as a co-founder of her startup DPArian, where she developed and sold a POS application.


Xiaohui Tu

Operations Research Engineer

Xiaohui is currently completing an M.Sc. in operations research top of her class at HEC Montreal under the supervision of YPC-affiliated researchers Yossiri Adulyasak and Jean-François Cordeau.


Eddie Cherchelanov

Mechanical Engineer


Eddie is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure. During his studies and various consulting projects, he designed and built numerous robots, actuators, and other robot components. 


Anum Mazhar


Yossiri Adulyasak


Jean-François Cordeau

Food Service Lead

Anum is currently doing her MBA at McGill and advises us on our food service operations. She built multiple hospitality businesses in Dubai.

Affiliated Researcher

Yossiri holds the Canada Research Chair in Supply Chain Analytics at HEC Montreal. In his research, Yossiri uses mathematics and machine learning for process optimization under uncertainty. 

Affiliated Researcher

Jean-François holds the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation at HEC Montréal and is scientific director at IVADO Labs. He has authored or coauthored more than 130 scientific articles and ranks #32 globally in the field of operations research according to Google scholar.


Thomas Bühner


Mike Cramer

Culinary Advisor

Thomas is one of Germany's most decorated chefs. Gault Millau named him "Newcomer of the Year" in 2001 and "Chef of the Year" in 2006. His former restaurant "La Vie" was  continuously awarded three Michelin stars from 2011 until 2018.

Industry Advisor

As the Director of Operations Advanced Analytics at McDonald's, Mike pioneered the use of operations research for process optimization in the restaurant industry.